Masked SMS - the application which allows to send completely anonymous SMS to any mobile phone all over the World. The application works on BlackBerry 10 platform.
The major feature of the app is that recipient will receive SMS from the specified name called "Mask", but not from some unrecognised telephone number. These masks you can select from the list and they vary from standard "Masked SMS" to something more interesting, like "Mom", "Dad" or "President" and many others. You can have fun by sending such masked SMS to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members.
Masked SMS is also good when you're abroad and using roaming, sms are cheaper than use sms plan from operators.

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P.S. When you download the app you will get one sms for free. If you want more FREE SMS write an email to: "support at" with the subject: "I want more FREE SMS"!