Want to be cool in a special occasion, be professional at work, or to impress somebody? Learn how to Tie and Tie and be a Gentleman. Improves your chance of getting better date, best job,....

Many people would agree that making a tie is a big problem because we use them quite rarely. That why "Learn To Tie a Tie - Step by step guide" is a real life-saver for you if you don't know how to knot ties. If you don't have much practice in making tie knots, start with making the simplest tie knots like Four-in-Hand or Simple Double. After that, you'll get the idea of how to make other more difficult tie knots.


- Native application built only for BlackBerry 10.
- Up to 20 knots - 8 free knots.
- Built-in mirror to check your clothes and tie.
- Nice UI.

Note: the application is basic for user, if you want to unlock to get the rest cool knots, swipe down to unlock it. - If you have any problem, send me an email, don't complain in review. Thanks.

BlackBerry World link:
BlackBerry World - Learn to Tie a Tie