If you are using the BlackBerry® Travel, then Travel Items checklist app will be handy and nice addition to it.
BlackBerry World - Travel Items checklist

Travel Items checklist features:
- Quickly create a trip(s).
- Quickly create multiple “Items checklist” per trip (i.e. you can create a packing list for yourself, a packing list for your spouse, a packing list for your kids etc.).
- Quickly create To Do List with Date and Description (i.e. list you will do during travel/vacation).
- Ability to share list through share interface (i.e. sms, BBM™, email, remember etc..). For example you can sms, BBM, email the packing list to your kids and ask them to pack their stuff.
- During packing/checking, you can check off the items in the list so you know how many left.
- Switch between Category View and Alphabetically View to speed up packing/checking time.
- Categories and Items are pre-populated; you can add/edit/delete to fit your needs.
- There are more than 160 items are pre-populated; you can add/edit/delete to fit your needs.
- Ability to add Quantity to item in the list.
- Ability to view Unfinished items and All items during packing/checking.
- During packing/checking, Unfinished items view will remove (i.e. cross out) the item from the list once you checked it.
- Create a Favorite Trip and using it as a Template.
- Create New Trip using your Favorite Trip. This will copy all the “Items checklist” and To Do List to the New Trip. This is handy if you are travel often.
Travel Items checklist is available for Z10, Q10, Q5.

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