Application Name: Camera Timer

The best Camera Timer for BlackBerry 10

Time Lapse Video Demo

Frames captured every 25 seconds for 10 minutes. Time lapse compressed to 11 seconds.


Camera Timer is the ultimate self timer application for BlackBerry 10. Use Camera Timer to capture time delay pictures or time lapse photography and create MP4 movies.

If you do alot of time lapse photography then Camera Timer is the perfect tool. When have enough pictures you can create a MP4 movie and see your photos come to life. You can control the speed of the movie from slow to fast. You will be amazed on how good your photos will look in the movie.

You can set any number of pictures to take eg: 1000 and the delay seconds between each take eg: 120 seconds.

A new folder is required. Camera Timer will store all the pictures there. If you do time lapse photography then recommend you to use a different folder so all your pictures will be organized. Supports saving to Device memory or on the SD Card.

Camera Timer allows you to zoom in and out. Just do a two finger pinch on the screen.

Camera Timer allows you to set the flash: Auto, On or Off and turn on or off the shutter sound.

Supports both Portrait and Landscape modes.

You can also tell Camera Timer to automatically resize the picture to 25%, 50%, 75%, 360x640, 576x1024,720x1280 or 1080x1920. Perfect if you are doing time lapse. This will save alot of space.

Note: Camera Timer disables turning off the screen so it is always on. Recommend you to plugin the charger if you take long term time lapse photography if possible.

Permissions: Make sure you allow Camera, Microphone, Shared Files and BBM permissions. If any of them is denied Camera Timer may not work properly.

BlackBerry World Link: BlackBerry World - Camera Timer for BlackBerry 10

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