Application Name: Speed Dial


Speed Dial lets you create up to 128 contacts for speed dialing, text message, email and unlimited number of Home Screen short cuts. No need to search the contact application anymore. Just touch the contact's picture to make a call, text or email the person.

Manually add a new contact or do a lookup in the Contacts application. When doing a lookup the contacts picture, name, phone number and email will automatically be copied to Speed Dial.

Optionally you can create a phone short cut on the Home Screen to dial the person. The short cut is just like an application. You dial the person you just launch (touch) the icon and it prompt you to dial. You can delete the short cut just like an application.

With the Home Screen phone short cut you do not need to run the Speed Dial application to dial. Dialing is now quicker and simplified.

* Create up to 128 speed dials in the application with custom pictures
* Create unlimited number of Home Screen Phone short cuts with custom pictures
* Includes 80 avatars for you to use as speed dial icons on the Home Screen
* Compose text message
* Compose email message
* Manually add speed dials or do a lookup in the Contacts application
* Use any PNG or JPG picture for the speed dial
* One touch dial with Home Screen short cut (note: with BlackBerry 10 you will be prompted before dialing. This is not Speed Dial limitation)
* 3 different icon sizes. (Large, Medium and Small)
* Backup and Restore speed dials from the SD Card
* Easy to use and there is no setup
* Compatible with BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

BlackBerry World Link: BlackBerry World - Speed Dial

Price: $0.99 USD