Application Name: Movie VFX

Movie FX is finally available for BlackBerry 10. Create cool effects and share with all your friends.

Movie VFX lets you be the director and create your own movie FX. Movie VFX includes 4 movie FXs for you to create your own movies. Just select the effect and then point the camera and start recording.

Your movie FX will be instantly saved and you can view and share your movie FX. Before you record your master movie FX you can preview the effect and see it in real time what it will look like. You can then make the changes eg: move the camera back, closer, adjust the camera angle, give your actors different instructions etc...

Movie VFX also allows you to record in GreyScale or Sepia color. To change this just swipe down from the top of the screen to view the Application Menu. Movie VFX records in real time and there is no need to do post processing to the video. Once your movie is recorded you can edit using the system Edit function or import your movie FX to Story Maker.

Free Version with one effect BlackBerry World - Movie VFX Free

Price: $0.99 USD

Visual Effect #1 BlackBerry World - Movie VFX

Visual Effect #2 BlackBerry World - Movie VFX 2

YouTube Channel of Demos