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    Short Cut Creator - Create unlimited web and phone speed dial short cuts on the HomeScreen

    Application Name: Short Cut Creator

    This App has been specifically architected for a BlackBerry® 10 experience. The Built for BlackBerry designation is your assurance that this App meets BlackBerry’s high standards for quality and performance.

    Use Shortcut Creator to create unlimited number of web browser and phone speed dial shortcuts on the HomeScreen. The shortcut will open the website or dial the contact when launched just like an application. Each shortcut can have it's own customized icon. If you prefer you can select any of the predefined web and System Setting shortcuts in the Default tab screens. Just select the shortcut and select the OK button. To delete the shortcut from the HomeScreen you just delete it normally like an application. Touch the icon and hold it until you see the Trashcan icon.

    Custom Icon

    When creating your own shortcut the icon that you use should be 114x114. If you make it bigger the OS will resize it to 114x114. If the icon is smaller than 114x114 then no resizing. Note: Shared Files permission must be set to Allow for Web Shortcut Creator in the Settings application.

    * BBM shortcuts
    * SMS and Email shortcuts
    * Contact shortcuts
    * Create unlimited number of Web Browser short cuts on the Home Screen
    * Create unlimited number of Phone Speed Dial short cuts on the Home Screen
    * Select from the predefined Web browser sites
    * Select and create System Setting short cuts such as Mobile Network, Notification, Security, Sounds, Network Connections and more. No need to dig through the Settings screen anymore. Just one touch to open the correct Settings
    * Use your own custom picture for the Icon
    * Easy to use and there is no setup
    *Compatible with BlackBerry Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5

    Link: BlackBerry World - Short cut Creator

    Price: $2.99 USD

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    Version 4.0

    The greatest Shortcut Application ever for BB10 now with even more shortcuts!!!

    * SMS Text Composer. Create unlimited number of SMS shortcuts on the
    HomeScreen. Customize icon and name

    * Email Composer. Create unlimited number of Email shortcuts on the HomeScreen.
    Customize icon and name

    * BBM Chat. Create unlimited number of BBM Chat shortcuts on the HomeScreen.
    Customize icon and name

    * BBM Audio Chat. Create unlimited number of BBM Audio Chat shortcuts on the
    HomeScreen. Customize icon and name

    * BBM Video Chat. Create unlimited number of BBM Video Chat shortcuts on the
    HomeScreen. Customize icon and name

    * Contact. Create unlimited number of Contact shortcuts on the HomeScreen.
    Customize icon and name. Quick access to the Contact information and edit the

    Version 3.0

    * File short cut. Create any file as shortcut such as picture, document, movie,
    pdf etc... A default program must be installed to open the file otherwise when
    the shortcut is launched noting will happen

    * Folder short cut. Create any folder as a shortcut. Folder can be on the
    Device or on the SD Card. Some system folders can not be opened because of

    * HUB accounts. Create any HUB accounts as a shortcut. You can create a
    shortcut to the main HUB or any email or social account

    * Added new Setting short cuts

    - Music short cuts: Open all Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres and Playlist
    - Video short cuts: Video Library, Recorded Videos
    - Device Info: Helpme Screen
    - App Manager for OS10.2
    - Device Monitor for OS10.2.1 : CPU, Battery, Storage and Memory

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