Hi All,
I'm Gianluca Troiano (The Fox Software). We are an indie studios that is producing Active Soccer a multi-platform football game that takes inspiration by 90's classic games like Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2.
The game is a fast paced arcade game and it is the first online cross-platform football game ever! You can basically play online independently from the device.
Here are some features:

- Classic gameplay
- 360 degrees movements
- Total control of the game
- Exciting online multiplayer match
- Choose your preferred player and climb up the international ranking
- Compete in the world cup and try to prevail
- Draw the most effective tactic on the pitch and win
- Practice with free kicks and penalties
- 3D game engine
- Display retina support, iPhone5 4-inch display support.
- Soundtrack created by Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, Jim Power, The Great Giana Sisters, x-Out and many other titles)
- Extremely fun!

Here are some pictures:

Watch the official trailer:
Active Soccer - Official Trailer - YouTube

The game is available for BlackBerry 10, PlayBook, iOS and Android

Soon it will be release PC Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone 8.

See you around!

Active Soccer