Sick with android port dictionary request all permission?
Yes->This is for you.

Complete English Dictionary in Your Pocket!

*** This is a NATIVE application: don't need any private permission, run faster, more accurate than any porting application. ***

How many times have you found yourself stuck in a situation, where you have heard a word but not able to re-call?
With the largest word collection and their meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Pocket Dictionary allows you to empower your command over the language. Important words can also be saved for further use and can be shared as well with the unique feature called "Favorites" list.

For everyone: from students to housewife, even corporate, who find it difficult to go through various document just because of their lake of command over English language.

- Complete meaning of a word.
- Easy to use.
- Over a MILLION words.
- Favorite mode.
- Recent view.
- Share to your friend by using: BBM, Facebook, Twitter,...


Free Trial:
BBWorld Link: BlackBerry World - Pocket Dictionary Free


PRO Verion: $0.99

BBWorld Link: BlackBerry World - Pocket Dictionary Pro

Hope you enjoy this application!
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