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    Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10

    App Name: Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10

    Summary: All the Caribbean news at one glance every day from every Caribbean country

    All over the world people start here to find out what's happening in the Caribbean. There are thousands of islands close to, and part of,all of the island-countries of the Caribbean so ill be only having news content for the main Islands.

    Link to BlackBerry World Listing:Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10

    Price: Free

    Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000391-png Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000392-png
    Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000393-png Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000396-png
    Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000397-png Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000395-png

    This is the current list of Islands I have so far:

    1.Anguilla, 2.Antigua and Barbuda, 3.Aruba, 4.Bahamas, 5.Barbados, 6.British Virgin Islands, 7.Cayman Islands, 8.Cuba,

    10.Dominica, 11.Dominican Republic, 12.Grenada, 13.Guadeloupe, 14.Haiti, 15.Honduras, 16.Jamaica

    17.Martinique, 18.Montserrat,
    19.Nicaragua, 20.Puerto Rico, 21.Saint Barthélemy, 22.Saint Kitts and Nevis

    23.Saint Lucia, 24.Saint Martin (France), 25.Saint Vincent
    and the Grenadines, 26.Trinidad and Tobago,

    27.Netherlands Antilles, 28.Turks and Caicos Islands, 29.United States Virgin Islands, 30.

    Please let me know what you think and any and all feed back is welcomed thank you Team BlackBerryOS.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000390-png   Caribbean News for BlackBerry 10-img_00000394-png  

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    Very cool. I like how you added the flags to the menu choices. nice touch!

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    Thanks Joe planing on some more updates soon. That one was a big one took me a while after BB Live i should have a nice one to add to it.

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