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    Post Smart Contact Share for BB10 - by Devcellent

    Smart Contact Share for BB10 - by Devcellent-icon-png Smart Contact Share lets user share specific fields of a contact information in text format (reduces bandwidth) via any app on the device, and from any app on the device. That includes BBM, Text, Bluetooth, NFC and any app that is able to share contacts. Fully integrated with BlackBerry 10 Flow, a new action item called "Smart Contact Share" is seamlessly added to the SHARE menu of apps including the native Contact App!

    Feature List:

    • Select only information that you want to send
    • Very cost effective as it removes excess data
    • You are in control s to what you send/share.
    • You may just want to share only the work phone number, and not the personal number of a contact, so be it! You can only include the work phone number with Smart Contact Share

    Further Detail about Smart Contact Share app can be found in BlackBerry World
    BlackBerry World - Smart Contact Share

    -- This is the latest BB10 app from Devcellent, the maker of Email++ for BB7 & HUB++ for BB10 --

    Smart Contact Share for BB10 - by Devcellent-scs_plugin-pngSmart Contact Share for BB10 - by Devcellent-select-png

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    It works good.

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