Tempus - Time Tracker for BB10 [business]
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Thread: Tempus - Time Tracker for BB10 [business]

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    Cool Tempus - Time Tracker for BB10 [business]

    Hi everyone!
    From now on, "Tempus" is available for BB10 in AppWorld (screenshots available)

    Tempus is a Time Tracker to monitor time spent working on individual projects and/or clients. You can assign individual charge periods and charging costs for each project. Statistics shows what projects are consuming most of your time in specific time periods. Reports (coming soon) will allow you to generate summarized or extensive reports for each project or client, and to export data.

    Download: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webst...tent/23536872/

    new version in the making with many cool features coming up!
    leave your feedback

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    Thanks for sharing!
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