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    Battle for survival against the mysterious Hordz!


    Just letting you know about our new game, Hordz, which was released today on BlackBerry World for BB10+PlayBook. It’s all about using the touch-screen to battle monsters: flicks, swipes, clicks, pulls … basically a lot of finger-twisting mayhem as you try to rack-up the double-kills! We're still having trouble deciding what the genre actually is… it's sort of an advanced whack-a-mole coupled with the relentless attack of a tower defense game or a shoot'em up... but what is that, exactly? We wanted to do something different rather than a clone of some existing game.

    I'm only a new member so not allowed to post links, but I'm sure you'll find it. It'll cost you a dollar, but if you've just bought a Z10 you might as well spend a little more to enjoy it, right? ;-)

    Download Hordz from BlackBerry World

    Battle for survival against the mysterious Hordz!-screenshot_3.jpgBattle for survival against the mysterious Hordz!-screenshot_5.jpgBattle for survival against the mysterious Hordz!-screenshot_8.jpg



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    Thanks for posting, Bob! Looks like a nice 3D game.

    I've added link to your post.

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