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    Scary Prank Game for BlackBerry 10

    We all love to pull pranks on friends and family, but it's no fun when it happens to yourself. With the Scary Prank Game you can be the prankster while you enjoy scaring the crap out of all your friends, family, or foes. They think they'll be playing a game, when really they are playing a scary prank app. The game is designed to get the user focused on the screen and shock them with an unexpected scary surprise!

    The scary pranking power will be in your hands!

    How to use:
    1. Open Scary Prank Game and turn volume up LOUD for best results.
    2. Select "Start Game!" to initiate the prank game.
    3. Hand device to friend or family member and tell them to try out the "Guess What!?" game. Challenge them to beat your high score of guessing the image in under 5 blocks removed (the scary face pops up on the 4th try).

    Helpful tips:
    - Be sure to keep a straight face to not give away the scary surprise.
    - Not recommended to use on those with heart problems or weak heart.
    - Take care of your device so it does not get thrown or broken.

    Coming to BlackBerry 10 at launch! Download from BlackBerry World here: Buy Scary Prank Game - Download Scary Prank Game - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World
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    Really funny!

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