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    Text Input UI On the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

    It has been an eventful day for those owning a BlackBerry 10 Alpha device, as the device received a much anticipated update from RIM. Although the BlackBerry 10 Alpha device falls short to what we will actually see in the final released product, it does give developers much needed hands on experience with BB 10.

    A couple of months ago we showed you a glimpse of some of the new things we can expect on BB 10, and we also got you a hands on look at the BlackBerry 10 keyboard and messaging app. One of the things that many are excited for, is the complete refresh of the way users will interact with BlackBerry 10's new UI.

    We all know that ability to input text quickly and efficiently is important for a smartphone, so RIM's move to focus on developing a highly intuitive UI is smart. The gesture based keyboard looks amazing, and is sure to speed up typing on a cumbersome touch screen keyboard. Recently there have been a couple new text input features that have been spotted on the Dev Alpha devices that are worth noting.

    According to bbin the following text input features have been found on the BlackBerry 10 Alpha device:

    Magnifying Pointer

    Text Selection Enhancement

    Text Selection Action Menu

    source: bbin

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    I love it! So good to see that the future of BB will be not only functional, but oh so pretty as well!

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    I went through this process yesterday and the whole thing felt very smooth and the copy/paste interface was so much improved compared to the existing PlayBook interface.

    Just a little taster of what's to come, but it felt very nice. I'm looking forward to the re-made native apps now - they are going to be so much better than the current ones!

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    I love blackberry now, have since the day they came out, and have never been more excited to test out one of their new phones!! BB10 looks and will be unbelievable. all the people bent on seeing their downfall are gunna get bitten in the ass when their new line-up comes out! cant wait for 2013 gunna be one of the best years yet for blackbery. everything bb10 looks beautiful. i cant wait to have one at launch, RIM should do soem sort of pre-order thing so they can see how many people are interested and allow the people that want it to have a better chance of recieving the product on launch day rather than waiting if the stores stock sells out

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    Text Input UI On the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

    Those owning a BlackBerry 10 Alpha device as the device received a much anticipated update from RIM .Text Input UI On the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha It has been an eventful day for those owning a BlackBerry 10 Alpha device .

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    I wonder whether the existing phones are going to upgraded on this OS?

    Xtreme Nitro
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