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    Published on 08-28-2011 10:45 PM
    1. BlackBerry Apps

    Earlier today I announced the release of two new iSpeech applications, iSpeech Bush and iSpeech Obama. Now it is time for a giveaway! iSpeech has been so kind to give us 25 premium copies of each application.

    Winning one of these applications is easy. Just leave a comment below, in our forums. Let us know which app you would like to have. Simply replay "I would like to win an Obama copy" or "It would be cool to have the Bush one!" and you will be entered to win that app!

    Make sure to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook, tell all your friends!

    First 50 members to enter will win a copy!

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    Published on 08-28-2011 10:45 PM
    1. BlackBerry Apps

    Accudata Tech the makes of Privus Mobile, the best BlackBerry Evolution Application by Handango, have given us 5 six month subscriptions of their application and we are giving them to you! All you will need to do is click the link below and enter. You will enter by making a comment about why you may need Caller ID.

    If you have not heard of Privus Mobile, you should check out their site for more info. If you have, you already know that this is a 1 of a kind app and a MUST HAVE! The contest will run until September 10th at 11:59pm EST. Winners will then be chosen and announced within 42 hours. Here is a little commercial they have made.

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    by Published on 08-24-2011 04:22 PM
    1. Official OS

    Earlier to a New PlayBook OS launched, this not takes user to v1.0.7.2492. This is the newest version. Users beware, if you are running a leaked copy of the Android App Player, upgrading to this OS will kill your App Player. This OS will render it useless. I am sorry to say this, but hopefully they will pump out an official version of the Android App Player soon! For now, download this new OS and let us know how it is.

    How to update your BlackBerry PlayBook
    Existing users will automatically receive a software update notification on the BlackBerry PlayBook status ribbon, or they can check for the software update at any time in the settings menu under Software Updates. Users who purchase and activate a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on or after Sunday, June 12 will automatically be updated to v1.0.5.2342 or later as part of the BlackBerry PlayBook setup process and no further update is required.
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    by Published on 08-24-2011 02:25 PM

    As many of you may know, JT and I ran into Tyler from iSpeech at BBM Hackathon. When we were there, Tyler told us about the iSpeech SDK's. He said that they would be coming out soon, with some new apps. Well, those apps are now out!

    Today iSpeech has officially launched their newest apps, iSpeech Bush and iSpeech Obama. They are available on BlackBerry, Android and iOS. Both apps are free to type in any text and listen to it read aloud in the President's voice. There is a $3.99 you could buy to speak your phrase into the phone and have it then read aloud. These are quite funny, and BBM Connected! This means you will be able to share your Obama and Bush iSpeech with BBM contacts.

    The Speech technology in these apps can also be found powering the text to speech and speech recognition in major apps including DriveSafe.ly, iSpeech Translator and is coming soon in DailyHoroscope and Beat the Traffic.

    iSpeech had this to say about their new apps:
    We are really trying to showcase our TTS and ASR technologies through these apps especially to app developers interested in using our SDKs. They are also really entertaining apps to play with!
    If you are a developer and would like to get your hands on iSpeech API's/SDK, just sign up for a developer account. Once the developer signs up, they can access the API keys/SDKs.

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    by Published on 08-23-2011 03:00 PM

    With all the BlackBerry 7 news buzzing around, the forums have been HOT! So hot, its time for another 'Hot Topics' announcement. The hotest topic in the forums currently has to be the BBOS Guide for Installing/Upgrading your OS. With all the new OS drops, everyone is using this guide to install their new OS's.

    One of the new devices launching would be the 9850 from Sprint, Horangi7 would like to know if you will be buying one. Will you? Joe and Myself will not! Joe got himself a shiny new 9930 from Verizon, and I am STILL waiting for AT&T to launch the 9900.

    No matter what device you plan to buy, you will need to unlock your phone for international or intercarrier use. Make sure to put your name in the hat to win a free unlock code, from Horzon Wireless. You can also enter to win a free copy of Fightin' Words for your device!

    I would like to extend a warm welcome to one of our newest BBOS members. Merlin29, has just joined us from England. While you extend him a big warm welcome, see if you could lend a hand to another one of our members.

    Lastly, I would like to ask you a question that all iPhone and Droid users would love to know. Why do you continue to buy BlackBerry Devices? Why do you remain a fan of RIM?

    Remember the BlackBerryOS forums are available for everyone to post questions, reviews, offer support or just friendly chatter. There is not fee or anything of that nature, just a free sign up account. Head to our forums today and register your account.
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    by Published on 08-23-2011 12:15 PM

    When it comes to the BlackBerry there are many terms used in everyday conversation. Some of these terms can be confusing and may leave one wondering what exactly a person is trying to say. Most of us in the BlackBerry community tend to talk in these short terms, such as; BBM, RIM, POP, BES, OTA or SDK.

    I know what they all mean, but do you?

    Well, with the use of this dictionary you should be confused no more!

    I have compiled information from multiple different sources and added my own definitions/comments to put together a BlackBerry Master Dictionary.

    Stands for Over the Air. Over the air is a .jad/.jar file that is installed from within the BlackBerry browser. These files are installed directly onto your device for applications and etc. This is most commonly used in conversations about BlackBerry Themes and Apps downloads.

    Each Blackberry has a unique PIN. This is not your 4-digit PIN for your SIM card, but an 8 character long hexadecimal value that is used to identify your device against the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. So this PIN is not used in the common understanding of "PIN" for logging in, like your using phone SIM card, ATM card, Online banking.

    This is yet another mobile phone network standard, invented by Qualcomm, and is used mainly by many North American carriers. It stands for "Code Division Multiple Access". CDMA BlackBerry devices display an indicator "1X" when it connects with full data service, and lowercase "1x" when it is not able to connect to full BlackBerry email/Internet service. Carriers include Verizon, Sprint, and Telus. For technical information, see Wikipedia CDMA.
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    by Published on 08-23-2011 10:58 AM

    We have already announced the release of the all new Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 BlackBerry Devices. This unveiling took place late last night, and now we are starting to get more images and videos of the devices. When we get full spec sheets we will make sure to share, for now just share at their beauty.

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    by Published on 08-23-2011 10:00 AM

    With all the new BlackBerry 7 devices launcher, BlackBerry users will need to stay connected to the community for OS releases, announcements and new app launches. You can do this here on BlackBerryOS in so many different ways, starting with the BlackBerryOS launcher and even following our RSS Feed.

    Make sure to follow BBOS any way you can!

    Are you a BlackBerryOS Junkie?
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    by Published on 08-23-2011 09:00 AM

    We all remember the great PING!!!! Me Baby One More Time music video. The guys behind that video, have now started a T-Shirt company. You can order a shirt from their new site BBMShirts.com and you will have your QR Code on it. The shirts are also now 20% off! Get yours while you can take advantage of the discount!

    If you have one of the new BlackBerry 7 devices, this would be a prefect shirt for you! This can even be a great present for someone who is an avid BlackBerry user...

    Info from their site:
    Get your BBMShirt™ custom printed with your very own fully functional and scan-able BBM barcode. It comes with the BBM community signature quote "PING!!! Me Baby" printed below your barcode and is sure to capture attention of anyone around you BBM user or not.

    *NOTE: If you would like to replace the 'PING!!! Me Baby' text on your shirt with your own text, please include it in the box provided next to your BBM PIN. Please limit to 3 words.
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    by Published on 08-23-2011 08:30 AM

    Not to long ago, leaked documents hinted at a released of August 22nd for the Torch 9860 from Bell. We now have confirmation that Bell will be releasing the new BlackBerry 7 Torch Touch 9860 on August 31st. For those of you planning to buy this phone, we now also have a price. As you can see in the image above, it looks like the price is going to be $129.99 with a 3 year contract.

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