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    Developer Tool FUZZengine Set To Release Soon

    The i-Mentalist developers group has let us know that their new app interface designing feature, FUZZengine, is about to release. It looks like developers will be able to use FUZZengine to personlize their apps with various media features, such as; video, wallpapers, and audio. See what i-Mentalist has to say about it below, and get details on how to register into their Beta program...

    FUZZengine is about to be released

    FUZZengine is our latest inovation that'll help you personalize not only your native application but also your third party applications! If you would like to get a copy before it's available on App World, please register on our beta forum ( and send me your username so i can add you to our beta group.

    With FUZZengine you'll be able to use video backgrounds in third party apps and you'll get tons of wallpapers, video wallpapers and sounds for your native and third party apps. Application is free and most of material in it will be free (we are adding new material every day!)

    Why am i telling you about it if it's not out yet? I would like you to help us spread the word among developers who would like to use FUZZengine features in their applications.

    to get more information about FUZZengine please check (some material is still missing)

    Also... your input and ideas for FUZZengine are very welcome! We'll provide you with more information as soon as we decided to release it. Application will be free and including it's features to other applications is also free and painless (yes, we are building APIs for it)!

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    Just to let you know... FUZZengine can now be downloaded to your PlayBook. Check it out and contact us if you would like to include FUZZengine features in your applications.

    We are developing first applications that'll show you what FUZZengine can offer and what features your customers will have.

    Get FUZZengine here: FUZZengine | Personalize your applications | FUZZengine

    Get more information for developers here: Developers | FUZZengine

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