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Thread: Alternatives?

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    So, in my journey to learn how to make a BB program I have become fed up with a few things.

    1) The API purchases. RIM is making a ton off of people having to buy API's, why not just hand 'em out now? Not to mention they are making an extra 10, supposed to be $20 I got charged $30.. .. .. .. ..

    2) Since we can't load app's off of the MicroSD card, I think we need an app for that (lol). One where it maintains the programs loaded, and when running it will "temporarily" store the whole app on the main hardware, but when its closed it deletes it and leaves it on the Media Card (Granted this could become very time consuming, it would need a way to increase the speed).

    3) What is up with the layout design? Honestly? It is a royal pain in the ass to make a simple grid layout, lol.. All I wanted to do was make 2 columns, but it's not as easy as HTML where you can just SIMPLY design a table..

    Just some rants & raves about the software development, not sure if it belongs here but I think it does..

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    Welcome to app development for BlackBerry...

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    lol, I do not App Dev myself... but I understand where you are coming from.

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