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    How to transfer messages and contacts from Android to computer?


    Do you know how to transfer messages and contacts from Android to computer? My boss want to backup the important data from telephone to PC, but he doesn't know the way, can you explain the detailed steps for him?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hello boss,

    I like use the software to transfer data from Android to PC. If you like, I can explain it to you.

    First, Find a software that you like and more powerful in google. Like this: Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer or sauvegarde sms android sur pc

    Second, download this software and install it.

    Third, connect your Android with computer, scan your data and select the data that you want to transfer.
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    Android Mobile Manager would be your good assistant to transfer data to computer. With it you can easily transfer your Android message and contact or edit them on pc.
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    Mmessages and contacts are stored in the internal memory inside a phone by default, it is not easy to export them to computer. Luckily there are lots of third-party program claims that they have the ability to help you manage all things on your Android phones. I find two guides:
    how to transfer contacts from android to computer
    How to backup sms messages on android
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    In fact ,if you have Goolgle Account or Fecebook,you can direct sync and backup andorid phone cntacts .
    Or searching google ,and find good android asssitant to help sync android phone data to computer .
    How to copy andorid phone contacts to computer
    How to export messages from android to computer
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    An android file manager app could help you backup android text messages to computer easily, and you view your sms on computer.
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    Which brand your phone is? Usually, the brand has its own software for managing the device. And contacts as one of the most important data on your Android cell phones, you need to find a better way to backup it. To reach it, you may need the help from Android Assistant. With it, you can directly copy contacts from Android phone to computer and save as CSV format in a few clicks. And you can add, delete or modify particular contact info in the program without any restrictions. What's more, this tool is compatible with almost all popular models of Android phones, so there is no need for you to worry about the incompatible problem.
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