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Thread: HTC Incredible

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    Quote Originally Posted by george123ross View Post
    i bought it and love it so far
    I don't understand why it doesn't come with sweet headphones like the nexus one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kbizzles View Post
    I said that I wouldn't get one. However I played with it all night lastnight and it really is incredible!!! If blackberry 6 doesn't come correct I think I may have to go to the dark side as us BB folk like to call it.
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    What improvements do you think bb6 will come with that aren't already implemented in android 2.1? Also, as far as aesthetics goes, the new bb6 devices will look just like every other berry. Think of the updates as well. Android will have continued updates improving on anything that can be improved upon, while bb will laaaag with updates and go right to the end of line once they catch up with what is being offered on other o.s.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Wyman View Post
    I hate to say this but.....I think I am going to purchase one..I have three lines on my account so I won't ever be getting rid of BB..Just want to see how this phone is.
    I'm sure you'll come to love android, just how everyone else seems to be.

    I'm getting the device. But of course, i'll still be on this site every day! I'll still keep my bb, but i'll enjoy having a new android toy.

    So Wyman, how long until you start up an android forum? All the smart people here need to come along. They are after all what make this forum awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pain Producer View Post
    One word...EPIC! I am loving mine so far.
    I'm sure I won't be able to put mine down for quite a while!
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