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    2.1 is now official!

    2.1 was actually official a couple of days ago. I figured since there is an android section with no post about it that it should be added. I don't own a Moto Droid but from what I hear it was pushed to the phone. The only info I could find about it at this time is here Mandatory System Update: DROID by Motorola

    EDIT: Just found out that it's a Rolling Launch. It was launched on 4/5 a rolling launch means that only so many devices will get pushed the update per day. If you haven't received the push try turning your phone off and turning it back on. If still nothing you will just have to wait for VZW or Moto or whoever it is to push it to your phone.

    Just found this over at CB. If you don't want to wait for the push to your phone you can get the update here

    * Rename the file to and place it in the root directory of your microSD card
    * Power off the phone
    * Power on the phone while holding the ‘X’ key on the physical keyboard to enter recovery mode
    * When you see the triangle with the exclamation point, press the volume up key and camera button key (only press the camera key down half way)
    * Navigate to “apply” and press the gold center button on the keyboard to select it. It will start the update process
    * Reboot the phone after it’s finished.

    You now have 2.1.
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