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    Quote Originally Posted by olta777 View Post
    Great job Dave! Was it scarrier than messing with bb cods? Now...where is my root for eris
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    I'd honestly say it was less scary to me than messing with the BB operating system, however the biggie is the risk of truly bricking the device was actually present. The overall OS install for 2.0.1 only took 2 or 3 minutes though, with a slightly longer than normal (around 2 minute) first boot. Installing the root permissions via a modded file took literally 10 seconds with a quick reboot afterwards.

    From then on, disabling automatic OTA updates and installing the custom recovery firmware was a matter of mounting partitions as Read/Write and copying a couple of files from the sd card to the device.

    It may actually sound a bit daunting, however, I simply followed the tutorials on (my new hangout *LOL*) to the letter and was met with success. I must stress again, however, that the risk of truly bricking the device is there; especially prior to installing the custom recovery partition.

    Basically what happens is this: if you have a stock recovery partition, there is an integrity check done on the OS before an update is installed. If you try and install an file from a stock recovery partition, and the check fails; the OS will refuse to install. Thus if your system partition ends up corrupted and your device cannot boot, you will be unable to reinstall a working OS. The custom restore partition skips the integrity check, and even if everything else fails, you can gain root access via the PC terminal emulator (ADB) and force install the official OS.

    Edit: I think the biggest LOL I performed on my Droid so far has been replacing the boot animation (no more creepy red eye) - now my boot animation is the Android character peeing on the Apple logo (similar to the Calvin and Hobbes characters peeing on the various car manufacturer logos that you see from time to time)... *LOL*
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