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It's a tough call Bob. I am sure you saw the HTC lineup for 2010 and there are a few good ones. The one that caught my eye is the HTC Bravo. 3.7 inch screen with 1 Ghz snapdragon processor. I agree the screen size on the Droid is awesome but overall as a phone, I still give Eris the nod. I have traveled all over the US and the Eris has yet to drop one call. The Droid not so good. And the phone quality on the Droid has not been the best either. Just my personal experience though.

But when it comes down to running my business, there is only one phone I trust and that is the Blackberry. Even with its outdated OS and crappy web browser, like old faithful, she always come through.
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I completely agree with josh.

My personal experience with eris browsing has been nothing but pleasure. Flash is an awesome feature! Looking at the line up, it looks awesome...I still hold hope for passion...but in reality the line up will ALWAYS exist and it seems as if we will never win. As we wait for that perfect device, another better one is not too far behind. I personally love Eris and if passion comes out I may or may not get it.
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Not sure I want to wait past December... Hopefully there will be news on the Passion to vzw soon!

Thanks everyone!