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What it is if you do a factory reset AKA wiping the phone it will activate via *228 option 1. I was able to text and tweet but not make calls. What happens is that its a security feature and you need to call VZW for a new activation code.
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I was told I could change from the BB plan to the PDA plan online but since I had a BB the Web site said I needed to change devices (wanted me to add a phone to my cart). I then thought I would activate my Droid & then try and change plans but it was a similar situation.

At this point, with the Droid already booted (and now after 12:30am PT) I hit the Activate button which seem to simply dial *228 and the activation failed (probably because the phone didn't match the calling plan). Luckily it transferred me to a CSR but then stated it was after hours (duh) yet gave me the option to press a # if I was having trouble making calls (option 3). This put me in a que for a CSR that changed my calling plan & activated my Droid.

I was happy and shocked to get assistance so late, so it can be done (or at least it was).

Now I'm waiting on a replacement battery which will be here Wed. but I wish I knew if the Passion was coming soon because all the Home replacements probably pale compared to the HTC Sense UI. (I've tried many of them & they either FC or for the most part don't add much in the way of functionality.)

Got a bit OT but I was able to get human support after 11pm.