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To avoid any hassles, i'd simply pay full retail for the device. It sucks to have to, but if you want it bad enough, it's the most hassle-free, honest way to go about it. What I did was I put $250 of the cost onto my phone bill since that isn't due for a month, and ended up paying ~$350 out of pocket. This made the cost a little more bearable. Granted, i'm still paying $600 for a phone when all is said and done, but I will honestly say that after spending that much on my Storm1, for the Droid it is well worth it.

(And if anyone wonders why I paid full retail for my S1 and still am not eligible for upgrade pricing now, it's because I used my early upgrade pricing back in early June when I was extremely frustrated with my Storm to get a Pearl Flip for free, to hold me over until a 5.0 OS leaked for the Storm)

I use my mobile device pretty much more than any other gadget I own, so to me it's worth the money to have a device I enjoy.
I really wish I could do that but full retail is just out of the question right now. I just started with Verizon in August. I think I'll be eligible for some kind of upgrade with my VIP status in April, but we'll see.