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Thread: Battery life

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    Quote Originally Posted by xwera43 View Post
    I agree. I now get full 5 bars where I would get 3-4 on my Storms. Is the Storm battery the same size as the Droid's? (Not in dimensions of course.)

    My dropped to 30% pretty fast today but I'm still messing with it too much.

    The Droid battery looks bigger to me. As far as signal, you can't always go by the bars to compare two different phones. But you can go by the signal strength. Just here in my office at home I used to get a signal of -92, now with this phone it is -80 (way better!) in the same exact spot. It was almost always -92 with my Storm in here - I know because anytime I changed OS I would look to see if signal strength improved.

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    I agree with J. I have a friend who uses a droid and is on it pretty frequently. I use a storm 2 and we seem to have the same battery life.

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