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    SOLVED - Help with installing additional language in 7.1

    My 9900 bricked last week (Error 517), and, in the painful process of resuscitating it, I have accepted DM's gracious offer to update OS to 7.1. All fine in the end, and I am quite happy with the new OS, but...

    Now, I only have only language installed on the device - 'English US'. I somehow prefer working in 'English UK', so went back to DM to install it. To my surprise, I can't actually see any core apps on the list, just the 3rd party apps?

    Have read elsewhere I should have 'the same OS installed on the PC' - can someone please explain to me what does it mean to 'install BB OS on a PC'? How I go about it, in steps?

    Apologies for perhaps a lame question, I am not an expert at all...
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