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    Video Walkthough of BlackBerry OS 6.0 on the Bold 9800 Slider

    By now most of you all have had an opportunity to check out all the great images of the BlackBerry Bold 9800 device. This will be Research In Motion's first slider smartphone. I made the comment yesterday that with every viewing of this BlackBerry it has illustrated a representation the next operating system to be developed by RIM.
    It wasn't very long after the BlackBerry community reviewed these pictures that probably the best video to date surfaced on the internet. The commentary is entirely done in Chinese so unless you are fluent in that language I suggest no volume unless you are interested in hearing the review from

    The experience progressing from OS 4.X to 5.X created a big buzz in the BlackBerry world so after you all watch these videos I'm sure you will catch all of the latest changes.
    The video was originally done in a format that would not allow all users to view it so some YouTube links were posted shortly after.

    I for one am looking forward to change. Who doesn't want change? The Browser and BBM would have been nice to see working but maybe next time.

    Walkthough of BlackBerry 6 OS on the 9800 Slider-Part 1

    YouTube video link for mobile viewing

    Walkthough of BlackBerry 6 OS on the 9800 Slider-Part 2

    YouTube video link for mobile viewing
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    My Mandarin is a bit rusty, so I could not understand anything he was saying.

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    OK quick note! You can change homescreen and landscape wallpapers! Wicked smooth and waaay more functional than OS5. I can't wait till Natemz gets his hands on this!! Can you say "BBProZen2"?

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    Will the new 6.0 OS be for all blackberry models? I have an 8520

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