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    9780 - (Official)

    This is the new official 9780 OS (Bundle 2830, Platform released recently via T-Mobile UK

    It's the full official OS, but just a home made installer thanks to Lyricidal as it hasn't been released on the T-Mobile website yet (only via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager)

    1) Backup your device using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager first. (Mandatory step incase the Loader fails to restore your backup)

    2) Install OS first

    3) Install OS over

    4) The installer will show you a preset path to install the files, DO NOT just click NEXT, make sure to click on the little dotted icon to Browse, then manually navigate to the OS path on your computer which is usually located in:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9780M_v6.0.0.600_P6.6.0.223

    The OS folder name MIGHT be different for you if you installed the Multi Language Version or the All Lang version, thus, ensure you do this step carefully to overwrite the proper folder. If you need help with this, feel free to ask.

    5) For best results, do 2-3 battery pulls and allow 24-48 hour "settling" time.


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    Credit goes to: Lyridical for the compilation of the installer!

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    Where's the changelog?
    And oh first

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    A Hybrid with the files will appear soon.

    Change log? When have you ever seen a changelog in RIM's new OSes? They never release a change log. We all secretly work for RIM and have to find the changes remember? But we don't get paid!

    Initial Findings:

    - Snappy OS (just like 600)
    - Fast Browsing both on WiFi and 3G
    - Instant GPS Lock
    - There was a bug in CrunchSMS's latest version 3.9 where if you press menu then Delete All, no messages get deleted and you had to delete them one by one. Now if you do it, it works like a charm. Don't ask me how? I have no clue what does an OS update have to do with CrunchSMS but it did the magic
    - Battery life, can't comment before 3 days

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    If you use a 3rd party theme and try to access the Home Screen Preferences, the screen will jump right back, you will have to switch to the original theme to be able to enter that portion. Not a big deal really since one would rarely go in there especially if he restores his backup then all the options would be retained. I however have found a way to have that resolved too if you wish

    After you have installed everything,

    1) Download and install BBSAK

    2) Download the Following Zip file which contains the Ribbon CODs from OS 461: Download

    3) Launch BBSAK then go to the Modify COD(s) tab

    4) Click on Install COD(s)

    5) Navigate to where you have extracted the contents of the above 461 CODs zip file and select the file named: net_rim_bb_ribbon_app.cod, then install

    6) Wait for 90 seconds until the files are installed, the device will then reboot and you will be able to access the home screen preferences even when you use a 3rd party theme

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    Does the way above help to prevent blank screen when pressing menu button at the first time for 3rd party themes too? And if its possible, can you please upload the files to mediafire? I cannot download any with fileserve many thanks.

    Edit: I can download it all and everything works. Thanks for posting!
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