OS 6.424 is here and there seem to be a few little updates but this is a much less major update than previous ones. Letís have a look at whatís changed:
Installation: This release is much quicker to install by a significant amount however it does have one flawÖ..sometimes the installation doesnít complete correctly. On my first attempt at installing the phone loaded up before apploader had finished reloading data which is something i have never had a problem with on previous leaks. I also know of other users having the same problem. It was a little frustrating but as i have backups of all my data the problem was resolved fairly quickly. As stated before though the installation is significantly quicker if it goes correctly.
Memory: Once the OS is installed there is again around the 45mb to 50mb of application memory free (with apps already installed) so the OS is still around the same size. The RAM memory available does seem to have grown to around 26-30mb but when looking in memory booster there does seem to be a constant reduction in memory right down to 9mb. It happens quite quickly as well. I havenít been using this OS long so this could improve but .418 didnít have this problem even within the first day.Contacts Page: One problem i ended up having with .418 was in the contacts page i could no longer press the menu button to select whether to text or call the contact, or even view for that matter. Instead I would have to hold the track pad to bring up the menu. In this release the ability to select by using the menu button is back and certainly makes life easier for texting contacts quickly.
Social Feeds: This feature is still working correctly with fast previews and quick loads from the ĎView full postí option. Still a brilliant feature for the new OS.
Universal search: This again seems to have gotten a little quicker as the results seem to load as you type. Very sharp and accurate and incredibly useful. At these speeds it is certainly a feature I will use more often.
Browser: This again seems fast without Wi-Fi turned on, even on picture heavy websites. The only thing that seems to slow it down the lack of memory available on the phone at times but otherwise this browser is significantly quicker than previously.
These are the main areas I have personally noticed changes in the short time I have had the OS loaded. Iím still a little unsure yet whether this is truly an upgrade over .418 which did seems to improve the OS 6 experience significantly, or whether it is a time for RIM to attempt some trial run experiments with the installation.
Hopefully the memory leak will steady once the phone is settled and after a few more battery pulls.
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