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    's and nee
    Any word on this .236?

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    we need a new leak . Just got a replacement Tour and wanna load somethin FREEEESH. lol

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    .238 ??

    .238 is out for just about every other Berry this morning. What about the Tour?

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    so you all have posted pictures of the os. and im going out on a limb and saying if you work for rim im sure they dont even want you discussing this os. or posting pictures. yet your being to stubbord and hording it all to yourself. if you have the files, and its that great. LET US HAVE IT PLZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by The.Perfect.Storm View Post
    Hello Everyone at !!!
    It's me again,The.Perfect.Storm

    I told you that there would be a leaked Tour OS soon!

    Now, while everyone is enjoying the benefits of the new OS and we have something to mess around with over the weekend, let me add a BONUS to it...

    Can anyone say !!!!

    Looks like we may be seeing a leak of it right around the corner.

    While I got a chance to look over the, and see the new improvements, I couldn't wait to get back to you and tell you what you're in for in

    FLICK SCROLLING?!?!?!? Nah, We got Trackballs!!! LOL

    But in reality is gonna blow away!!! The improvements are HUGE!

    The Blackberry Tour hardware is a very well built device and the pre-installed firmware very supportive of it's natue and demands that indivisuals are looking for. However with the implementation of the new leak of in comparison to it's predicessor of 4.X there are alot of new features and improvisions that have taken place.

    Now with even a better leak (Woops, did I say LEAK again?) of just around the corner, we have to wonder just how close are we to actually seeing the GOLD CODE that we all have been waiting for.

    Well let me say this. I have compared the 4.x to Hybrids to to more hybrids to and well, there is just no comparison, when you get to

    Still have to admit that I am still suprosed that doesn't implement the "Tabbed Browsing" that we are all hoping for, but the speed of launch of the web browser is much more efficient than any other prior leaks that I have seen. :Eyecrazy: :Eyecrazy:

    Shouldn't be long now (Hint, Hint) and we should be seeing .236 in the forums here at


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