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    I don't get it. I did the OTA upgrade for .591 on my Tour and it worked. The Apps all still work and I am able to add more apps with fewer problems. My battery life is fine, unless I am talking/browsing too much. I did not loose any contacts, calendar entries or anything else. Yet I keep seeing people gripe about .591. So here I am, happy with my phone and OS. I finally have a BB that is fulfilling the promise of what the Tour should be and now Verizon is pulling the plug on the 9630. As the Tour is sold by others, will RIM still keep updating the OS?
    As long as other carriers are supporting the Tour, RIM will keep releasing the OS's (well for a short time).

    You may find, like us Storm 1 users, that eventually the OS's just dry up.
    Carriers around the world are still issuing Storms but not in the numbers the new devices are coming out.

    Hell, even the 8100 series are still being issued in the UK! And they are the real poor cousins with regards to updates. The 8100 series is still on 4.5 or 4.6 as is the 8300 and 8320.

    So the answer to your question is yes but with a mix of Not On Your Life! sorry :no:

    NOTE* A friend has just messaged me that the .419 is the best for battery life in the Tour.
    He must have read this but be unable to post for now.
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