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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugly View Post
    I think that if BBC says this is a viable OS, it must be pretty good. His Hybrids are, by and large, very good, and he seems to know his way around the 'berrys.
    That being said, perhaps the reason we haven't seen a new hybrid from BBC is because he was waiting for the official release so more people could get caught up with the 5.0 base and be more familiar with it. BBC come up with some fantastic hybrids, but if an official OS drops before he can finish one, I think it proper that he has held back to see if there is something he can add to the new one to make it better.
    I was REALLY impressed by 8.5, now I'm on 328 and hoping a new tweak will come with some of those files included.
    Also, BBC has a private life and should not be expected to put that on hold just to deliver a new hybrid. His efforts are greatly appreciated and I thank him for that.
    I second that. I love his hybrids as well and can't wait for a new release!

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    I loved the Xonz .230/.238 hybrid. It shows 3G on the phone and I thought my Storm 1 ran the Best on that one. For fun I loaded it over .328 last night and it seems to be working fine. I am using Storm 2 95% of the time though. Is you want the 3G icon its only in the .2xx builds from what I understand.

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