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    .122 on BES; Enterprise Activation Error Fix

    Has anyone had any issues syncing to their BES server since upgrading to the new .122? If so I have found an issue with mine that I want to share.

    When initializing the Enterprise Activation my device would get all the way to 98% then time out. Tried it twice with the same results. After reviewing the log I found that it was terminating at Intializing Time Zones. To Fix this you will need to replace the net_rim_bb_timezones.cod. I used the one out of .109 (since I really had no issues with BES on this OS).

    1. You will need to use Crack Utilites;
    2. You will need the net_rim_bb_timezones.cod from .109, place it on your desktop for the time being.
    3. Connect your device to your pc and open Crack Utilities
    4. Go to the middle tab (File Manipulation)
    5. Select "Retrieve Files Listing"
    6. Find in the list of files "net_rim_bb_timezones.cod" and highlight
    7. Select "Remove File From Device" you will get an error on your pc but dont worry, your device will reboot, close out of Crack Utilities while your device is rebooting.
    8. Go to C:/ Program Files/ Crack Util and rename the net_rim_bb_timezones.cod to net_rim_bb_timezonesA.cod
    9. Take the net_rim_bb_timezones.cod that you save on your desktop from .109 and move it to your C:/ Program Files/ Crack Util and close the window
    10. Open Crack Utilities again, middle tab (File Manipulation) and select "Load File to Device", this will open a window where you can select the net_rim_bb_timezones.cod from .109 you placed in the Crack Utilities folder (make sure you dont select the one you renamed) and click next or open.

    This will load the new timezone cod to your device and will eliminate the error when trying to Initialize your Enterprise Activation

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    Thanks for the fix. trying now. ( I always have this problem with BES, i would wipe and reinstall the Os and it would work the second time but this is so much quicker if it works.) Thanks again!

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