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    Quote Originally Posted by Drukan View Post
    I was about to ask the same question.... But i was going to ask Crackman specifically....

    man does wonders with these OSs....
    So now that .108 and .122 are out there... is there gonna be a all new revamp of the 114H????
    Cant speak for crackman, but i am sure we will be seeing hybrids based on .122 it seems to be very stable so far. I copied the java files for it over my previous install which was hybrid v3, so technically its a v3/122 hybrid, seeing as the java file that is available for DL only has about 300 files. Expect to see more hybrids popping up soon, especially if anyone can get a hold of the .122 exe

    (I was pretty happy with V3, hoping to see some improvements on .122, though a crackman version of .122 would likely be better. Also something to try would be possibly just swapping the cdma with the hybrid V3, not sure if crackman has tried this yet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcfly27 View Post
    Had to create this...

    who'd like to nominate BBC to do us a .108/113/114 hybrid

    .108 has just been released

    OS Gets Official on the Etisalat Storm 9500

    BBC - will you accept the challenge?

    While you're at maybe BBC can you throw in a little .122 as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    While you're at maybe BBC can throw in a little .122 as well
    I'm sure he will

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