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    Quote Originally Posted by Erievon View Post
    Haha, thanks. Maybe I'm used to the "other" boards. Even though I have just a few posts I've been hanging around here for a while and love this forum.

    I'm gonna try the non-wipe way first for the heck of it. If it acts funky I'll wipe it down to nothing and start again over the weekend. Doesn't bother me to do it, but I like avoiding it if I can.
    O u didn't know?!?! Each account is automatically coated with an Anti-flaming gel. (i finally got to use the BBOS smiley :1244:..ya ya it's been out for a while lol)

    As for the wipe, BBSAK I hear can do full 3rd party back up. I still use JL_cmder just cause all my 3rd party apps r like Google maps, viigo so it's easy to just install again. I think i might b one of the few that still use JL lol
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