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    Shrunken Mod of V3 Hybrid

    Just downloaded V3 and shrunk it down to English only and with no IM apps (Except BBM), VAD, Docs2Go.
    Original font is still there. Aswell as games, which can easily be removed if you want to do it. (Will give you a bit more memory, but reduce your fun )
    (All is re-addable, just gotta put the .cod files back for it)[I'll help those that need it]
    It is the exact same as V3, just lots less files/smaller size. (This can help use less memory on your phone)
    Credit to BBCrackman and those involved for this awesome V3. I've just shrunken it down for those that dont use the above and want to try a little less memory usage.

    Link is:
    It is now a 285 files/ 25.8mb install

    Let me know how it goes for you guys.
    Installation instructions the same as V3.

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    duplicate thread...original found here
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