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Ive updated to .173,
Did a full wipe using BBSAK, and
installed the update and restored all my data.
I have also a done a couple of restarts using Quick pull
It seems to be a lot better than ver .151

Problem deleting multiple emails

I have tried deleting a few emails simultaneously twice now (selecting and then hitting delete)
and the email viewer pops up the message deleting... and gets stuck (It doesn not delete anything)
All you can do is close the application.. none of the other buttons function.

When reopening the mail application the deleting message is still locked there.
Yet new emails are still coming i.,,, but you cannot open them.
Not sure if this theme related using Natemz Black & Blue.
Seems like I need to restart to fix.

Anyone else seen this?
I believe the problem is with non standard themes. None of the latest OS higher than 151 seems to work with non standard themes.
Try using precision zen and it'll all back to normal.