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    Do explain, 'cause I have 5 different convos currently in SMS and one of them is really long. Like i can scroll for ever to just get to the first message... but my phone hasn't froze or slowed down... but i'll keep an eye out for it.
    I think this may be a bug that is "device oriented" therefore it may not happen to everyone, I know that the freezes were constant when I tryed to type long sms texts, when i did a fresh install of .191 it was gone for like a day, which is about the same time it took for my sms convos to get pretty huge. After I cleared my device convos everything is working smoothly once again. Hopefully this bug will be gone by the next leak. Anyway, If i run into this freezing problem again I will prolly try removing my 3rd party apps and reinstalling one by one to see if that is the issue but so far I think the bug resided in my sms section and clearing long convos seems to address the issue, at least for me. Thanks for everyones suggestions though

    P.S. I never had a problem scrolling through my convos, it would freeze when i was in the middle of a response, usually 2 or 4 words into a response and a complete device freeze requiring a battery pull would happen.
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