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    Quote Originally Posted by VaporLock View Post
    What's the story with 6v10? I'm using 7v1 and need to get rid of it (weirdness keeps happening). But I can't find a place to d/l 6v10 anywhere. It's like it's vanished from existance...
    I think lyric my have taken it down... we will see what it can do

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    Hi Lyr, can this 6v10 use for 9500?

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    ok after using 6v10 for sometime now ( a couple months perhaps)

    these are the issues that im having.

    call waiting does not work, if u get another call and switch over, i lose the other call i was originally on.

    when i go from headset to speaker phone all is well, but when i go back to headset i cannot hear anything nor can i be heard resulting in a dropped call.

    sometimes it doesnt like to snap a picture, you have to be just right after the auto focus to take a pic.

    random resets here and there,

    certain people that i send txts too after i hit send it takes about 30 secs or so to go back to the sms folder, it sits frozen on the screen with the send menu up. doesnt happen with everyone, just certain ppl.

    data is still inconsistent.

    battery life is shitty depending on what im doing, phone sometimes has memory drops.

    but all in all it is firm and stable, these are the issues i have noticed after a long and hard run of use.

    they are not constant but do happen. seems to be more buggy as time goes by.

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