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    Quote Originally Posted by sbain1 View Post
    Here's my 1 cent.

    I got rid of several apps early on that I was told were the hogs.

    On my Storm it was VZ NAVIGATOR.

    I love the app...but I replaced it with Garmin Mobile. It also is 9.95 a month or you can go whole hog and ay 99.95 once for life. It is a LOT better app than VZ Navigator and does not leak.

    It runs in 3D and with this app you don't need POYNT either, so you can save some memory there.

    I don't understand the low boot up memory though, but think you could fix that with a "wipe", a fresh install of .151 and I would throw BBC's V8 hybrid in there. You should be in the high 40's or low 50's I would think.

    Oh, and by the way, I am running 5.0.140 and the Garmin Mobile app runs fine, so it is good to go with your hybrids and upgrades in the future.
    Hey sbain, in regard to your signature, 19 apps and 45+ mb memory. Did you have the same amount of app memory before you switched to 5.0? I was only on 5.0 for a day and gave it up cause many of the apps I used didn't work, but I did notice about a 6mb increase in my app memory.

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    I am running 15 apps and my boot up was 36.6 on OS 5.0. After 24 hours I am at 36.5 so the memory on this thing is super stable.

    However, a boot up of 36.6 is an all-time low for me. On V8 with the same apps and two additional themes I booted up 48.6

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