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    Did you wipe your device before you reinstalled the second time?

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    32 it a regular handheld wipe?

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    sunkast Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GQman View Post it a regular handheld wipe?
    No it's not. Follow my instructions below.

    1. Back up your phone AND 3rd party apps
    2. Download AND install to PC
    3. Download the hybrid
    4. Double click on the hybrid and follow instructions to install hybrid onto the OS
    5. Wipe phone with BBSAK (phone will reboot and show Reload Software 507)
    6. Click on Load OS in BBSAK
    7. Install the OS
    8. Wait until it's complete, do a battery pull
    9. Do a security wipe. On BB go options>security options>general settings> click bb key> wipe handheld. This get rid of traces of corrupted files.
    10. Restore phone thru DM and 3rd party apps.
    11. Do 3 60-second battery pulls (pull battery, wait 60 seconds, replace battery, wait for it to boot up, repeat process 3 times.)

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