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    I am running Lyric's 6v6 and having the same problem with transferring my phone book to my car via BT. Must be one of the 5.0 files messing it up. Maybe someone who knows more than I can figure out a fix!

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    Problems downloading contacts into BT device

    I've got a 9530 with .151 on it and it's paired in my car with an Alpine ex-10. My 3 main problems are:

    1) the remote control will not dial calls...all other features (scrolling, selecting, etc) work fine on the remote, but it won't dial a call from any of the lists (calls received, calls missed, calls made, or the phone book) :irked:

    2) the contacts are not loading into the BT device properly. Sometimes it only loads to the 'L's in my contacts or the 'M's or wherever, but it won't do a complete download. :aargh4:

    3) overall experience streaming Slacker hasn't been the greatest....stoppages, volume issues, playing speed issues, sound quality, etc. :Eyecrazy:

    Everything else on the BT works decent, but I really would like these features cleared up. I'm thinking that it's an issue with the OS or the STorm, but hoping that it can be resolved through some changes in settings somewhere.....

    Any suggestions would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!
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