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    Quote Originally Posted by alositha
    Quote Originally Posted by olta777

    You might want to try and download BB File Scout and try to copy them that way. Here is a link BBFileScout Download [File Manager for BlackBerry Devices]

    With BB File Scout you can also delete OEM wallpapers/videos/music and etc.

    will do. but I have other problems and thinking going back to version 1.3.

    the problems I've got now are

    1. I can not reply to emails, it says "no massage service configured. you will only be able to save to drafts". I can receive emails without a problem.

    I can send and reply to texts no problems.

    2. tried to delete and reconfigure one of my email accounts, manage to delete it but i can not add an email account as the "add" button does not respond. I can press it, it goes to blue when pressing but nothing happens afterward.

    are these problems due to version 1.4?

    Can someone confirm they got he same problems if they have.

    Have you tried resending the service books? Also try managing the email accounts thru pc vs bb browser. Let me post a link in a second...

    Ok here ya go BIS Emal service and its the first one.
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