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Thread: EDGE Soloutions

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    EDGE Soloutions

    First of props to all the hard working peeps on bbos, without your mods and often times live help many of us would be in a world of shit.

    I live in the Caribbean and in my country and there are only 2 carriers both of which are GSM - bMobile which I am on and DIGICEL.

    As it stand, the only hybrid that works well with EDGE at least in my country is Version 3.51. When I installed 3.5, the EDGE never came on.

    I used 3.51 for a while, had problems with random reboots, GPS is iffy and camera f'ing up at times but I lived with it because the stock OS was bullshit.

    I skipped version 4, because I said I would leave well enough alone and eventually I decided to check out version 5. Well that didn't sit to well with EDGE either, I decided to swap the OS to the version that was used in 3.51 and that worked brilliantly for a couple hours and then the phone did a random reboot and EDGE never came back. SO back to trusty 3.51 I went.

    Then ver. 6 came out, and I did the usual wipe and install and when the phone came on the EDGE was going from capital to common letters like a light in a disco. I then decided to use the leaked .148 which has been working very well thus far. No reboots, camera is good to go, the accelerometer is a little slower than 3.51 and GPS doesn't work. I see everybody else on google maps but it says my GPS in unavailable.

    So I sit here and hope for good things with version 7.

    I hope this info helps anybody from the Caribbean who stumbles upon this site and thread.

    And hopefully bbcrackman could find a decent long term EDGE soloution.


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    The only fix for GSM & EDGE as of now is to use .90 radio. That's why 3.5.1 worked so well for you, it was using the .90 radio. So basically whatever Hybrid, or os you decide to go with, just swap the radio to .90 and you should be good ...or as good as it's going to get anyway.

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