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    Thumbs up "BBCrackman’s V7 RELEASING SOON! – “OFFICIAL V7 FINAL REPORT" A Detailed Review of V7

    To be released shortly to V.I.P Members.

    "BBCrackman’s V7 RELEASING SOON! – “OFFICIAL V7 FINAL REPORT" A Detailed Review of BBc’s V7

    "Official V7 Final Report"
    BBCrackman, a proven savior among BlackBerry Storm users has done it once again!
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    X-TRA! X-TRA! Read all about it!
    Are you ready to be taken by “Storm?” Are you ready for your Storm to react the way you want it to? The wait is over. BBCrackman’s V7 is coming very SOON!
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    BBCrackmans latest hybrid release labeled “V7” is getting closer to the “Gold Code” that Storm users have been longing for. With an overwhelming record of previous hybrids behind him you have to ask yourself; “How can it get any better?” The answer Blackberrians is here, only at Blackberry OS.

    The highly anticipated V7 hybrid has many new implemented features and fixes detailed in the review below.

    Implementations, New Features, Positive / Negative Findings, Ongoing / Addressed Issues and Improvements will be addressed in Color Coded Format.

    Blue Text will = Positives, New Features, & Improvements, & Acutely Noticeable Changes
    Red Text will = Negatives, Work in Progress, & Ongoing Issues.

    "Device Type(s) tested on"

    "Base Software Version & Platform Utilized"

    "Reason for chosen base version"
    .132 or .148 is requirement for the base on V7.
    Polls also currently show the majority are in favor the platform.

    "Hybrid Version Tested"
    BBCrackman’s V7 Hybrid

    "Reason for chosen base version of over "
    The V7 Hybrid will install over either base, however has a better track record and more reliable, thus resulting in the last known release. Some devices experienced issues with and overall it did not perform well. I would not recommend .132 as the base unless you absolutely want to. The best base for optimal performance would be thus what we acutely and thoroughly tested.

    "Allocated Time Tested"
    Testing Cycle of 24 Hours on a fully charged standard battery.

    "Testing Stragety "
    To ascertain the results of an 9530 unit being used thru regular or normal conditional use in the course of a 24 hour period.

    "Begin Of Testing Cycle"
    00:00:00 Start

    "Implementation of Transitional Animated Windows "
    One of the most incredible and noticeable features that is sure to amaze you will be the new Implementation of Transitional Animated Windows. This makes the Storm feel truly responsive. The fading effects do not take a toll on the os or slow the speed of launching programs or the closing of them. The transitional phases look appealing to the eye and make the storm react more like the expensive high-tech unit that it truly is. The windows transitions work their way deep into the os giving birth for a whole new meaning to Storm users. The animation are not to fast and not so slow that they become a headache or a burden we actually found ourselves longing for the launching of a program or window just to see the animation at work.

    "New Web Browsing "
    Say good bye to the old slow unresponsive browser from the past and say hello to a new feel of speed. The new browsing experience is like no other. In recent and past testing web browsing with a normal and moderate signal produced usually .02 to 1.5 seconds to our advantage in variance when upgrading to a newer hybrid. This for us Storm users was exceptional itself. However now BBC has raised the bar and delivered browsing that performs better than any other hybrid to date. Proven test results, show increased web page loading speeds 2-3 seconds faster than before! Now that is truly amazing.

    "New Folders In Email "
    There are some new folders that we noticed in the email program that could be accessed by opening the email program and then clicking on the blackberry button and choosing “View Folders” or “Move Folders” In recent testing I have not seen these folders in the past and can only ascertain this is a new implemented feature. The folder selection is very handy when it come time to sorting thru your emails, however we did not have the opportunity to determine how to create, rename, or delete any of them.

    "Increased Operational Speed "
    Obviously the hardware has not changed, just the implementation of a new hybrid. However with the implementation of the new hybrid you can feel a difference in the overall speed of the os. It is very responsive and reacts accordingly. Integration with third party application produce good results as programs open and close quickly as they should. Huge improvement by far.

    "Color Saturation"
    Color improvement is excellent and it is noticeable. While color banding is still slightly present you cannot see the vast lineage as before between the transitional phases as in previous releases. Rich color saturation is a major improvement showing better visibility, better color flow, and a higher level of detail. Images are very clearer and Bright. Color depth seems at it's highest that I have seen compared to any other releases yet. Viewing videos is not an eyesore anymore and relaxation now takes over letting you enjoy what you’re viewing as you would expect to be able to do from a mobile device.

    "Color Banding"
    Still Slightly Present with exception(s) listed below:
    Colors are more vivid in detail, crisp in texture, and rich in depth resulting to a more relaxed viewing. Color banding is hardly noticeable at all. This is a huge improvement over any other release out.

    "Battery Life"
    Under typical usage; placing and receiving regular calls, enjoying watching a movie, listening to MP3 music, surfing the web with the NEW Web Browser, SMS, MMS, sending and receiving email, BBS, video recording and taking a few pictures; we have ascertained the battery life has been INCREASED Phenomenally. I don't how it was done but the batteries in both 2 units are still running STRONG. Neither Battery has required a charge yet. Absolutely outstanding battery life. This would be one of the best noticeable changes I have seen in regards to prior releases. Everybody needs battery life improvement, and if so then this looks like the one. I was impressed by the life of the battery cycle so far that I would give High Marks for that alone.

    "Lockup's / Freezes / VSOD"
    None! Running strong and smooth. No failures to report.

    "Application Integration"
    ALL of my 3rd Party apps work perfectly. Storm Slider, Quickpull, StopTilt, BofA, File Manager Pro, Forward w/Edit, PDF to Go, Forward w/Edit, Shazam, Kenny Powers, BBOS Launcher, Memory Manager, Battery Booster, Premium Doc to Go, Quicklaunch 1.5 and 2, Visual Voice Mail. In the past there have been some reports of certain third party applications causing memory leaks. Some severe and some not. This hybrid V7 has experienced no problems with any applications yet.

    "Camera and Video"
    Camera Speed is noticeably fast. It is faster than all previous versions and works every time. 75 photos taken using the max resolution and no issues. We did not use the flash due to fear of depleting the battery cycle unfairly. 10 Videos were taken and played back with no issues. No freezes, unwanted lockups, reboots, or system hangs on camera usage or video usage. Playback was smooth, transitional, and for once exceptionally enjoyable.

    I am on BES with my company and it works flawlessly and punctually. Emails come in quick and decisive as they should. This is how BES should have always been from the beginning.

    "Using DM 4.7 and 5.0"
    I can do my back-up's and restores with DM 4.7 and 5.0 with no issues. Tested with two separate units for more accurate testing.

    "Music Multimedia"
    Played a large variety of mp3's using the factory supplied ear buds and had no problems at all. Music played back flawlessly!

    "Video Multimedia"
    Played a few short video clips and 1 movie. Very clear color depth. Color saturation is definitely better. Colors are crisper! Able to actually sit down comfortably and enjoy a video since the beginning of the Storm existence.

    "Phone Operational Speed"
    Phone operational speed is FAST. There is really nothing more that could be said. It’s Just FAST. Even with several apps running and several emails going at the same time the phone was extremely fast and responsive. This is a best improvement over any prior releases!
    Current storm users happy with the prior V6 hybrid installed will be amazed by the noticeable feel of having a responsive mobile device loaded with V7. Finally the wait is over for the speed. It is here in V7

    "Loading from Card"
    All of my pics and vids loaded and were picked up perfectly from my 16 gb card.

    Experienced no lag! I sent many SMS, MMS, and emails and even while browsing the New and Improved web browser, I had no lag on any of the testing phases. This is a MAJOR improvement.

    BEST SIGNAL STRENGTH. The radio is the best out yet. I did not experience any lost or dropped calls. Not one Kb of data loss. Then sound is crisp much clearer. Volume louder. SIGNAL HOLDING STRONG at 4.5-5 bars all day long. I usually only get 3-4 bars at the same exact locations but not now. Not anymore. Signal was constantly by far the best yet. This applied with the new and improved web browser makes surfing the web on the Storm a very enjoyable experience.

    Best Accelerometer to date! Responsive, but not too responsive that it would change when you didn’t want it to change. No lag. Finally it changes when it should. Picture rotation was almost instantaneous.

    "Visual Voice Mail"
    Well if you use it, it does work perfectly.

    "Browser Speed"
    Well if you were impressed by V6 then you will be amazed by V7’s new and improved browser. It's FAST. Lightning Fast. “Don't let others tell you how fast their browsers are. Let V7 SHOW you how fast a mobile browser is supposed to be.” That is what it proved in testing. This one will pass any other prior release browser by far. The fastest browser compared to others. Side by side comparison test showed this browser consistently and enjoyably loaded the exact same pages 2-3 seconds faster. Good Bye to my old browser. I have found the cure for my storm.

    Clean install with a clean boot resulted in 54MB at start up vs. 51MB before. Now keep in mind, this is BEFORE any applications were loaded. With all of the apps listed above running I am holding strong at 44MB. No Loss So Far. Memory is actually reclaiming itself on program closure. There have been reports of this before however with V7 it happens appropriately and accurately when it should.

    "Battery Pulls"
    3 sixty second battery pulls are required for the installation of the new hybrid V7. The battery pulls must be done no less than 60 seconds apart as instructed. You may ask how many battery pulls have been to be done since the testing cycle began, and the answer is 0. That's right, 0 battery pulls to date.

    Works Perfectly!!!

    End Cycle Test 24:00:00

    "The Final Analysis"

    BBCrackman’s V7 is Absolutely the best built hybrid to date. It is not just my opinion but the results and facts show it. Acutely tested on 2 storms and both are still running strong. BBCrackman's V7 in my opinion, needs no improvement as he has passed the bar of our expectations and led again by example. With V7 you can experience what it feels like to be able to complete those tasks at hand. V7 truly delivers and outperforms the latest hybrids to date. While again I would highly remind you not use the .132 platform unless you are just absolutely decisive on it. V7 does not need anything more in my opinion. Credit has to be given for this ingenious developer for an excellent built hybrid. Color, Video, Radio, Speed, Browsing.... It's All There. Finally there is reason & resolution for the Storm.

    To BBCrackman:
    Thank You for the opportunity you have given us Storm users with you unquestionable, reliable and stable hybrids. Your dedication and persistence in perfection makes you and your V7 truly a remarkable piece of art.

    To the BBOS Team:
    Thank You for having it here first and for pulling together a community of dedicated Black Berry users looking for something more than just the average Black Berry website. BBOS, Your team of supportive professionals delivers dedication and willingness to every individual, leaving no question unanswered, and that is what draws the BlackBerry users to your website.

    All software contained in the Hybrid were developed and owned by Research In Motion.
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    Good job Storm. Very detailed review. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. :biggthumpup:

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    Great News!

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    Outstanding as always Perfect

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    This is an excellent review!!! Are you writer by chance, The.Perfect.Storm? Awesome!

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    Excited About This New Hybrid

    I am so excited about this new Hybrid, that I made sure to renew my VIP membership. My phone is good, but I just know that v7 is going to make it what it really should be....waiting!

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    I've got a request for V7...please make it so that it uses the bigger keys when typing. Some of us blind people love that feature.


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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Rob View Post
    I've got a request for V7...please make it so that it uses the bigger keys when typing. Some of us blind people love that feature.

    You will have to throw in the .90 radio for that one

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