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    Quote Originally Posted by olimazi View Post
    V6 w/ .90
    happened w/ v5 also...
    not sure if it happened w/ .75, didn't have it on for long...
    I can only suggest you do what I did at the start of this thread which is do a wipe and install of .148, swap radio to .90 and shrink.
    I had really good results with the signal strength today on .90, actually as good as or better that the .132 radio. The phone seems a bit slower than it did with Lyric's hybrid but overall much much improved over v6 .90 which did not work at all for me.

    Give it a try if you are good at building a hybrid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C6StingRay View Post
    glad to hear it's working for you Marathon...

    I tried Crackman's V6 .90 Hybrid and loved the colors and keyboard sizes, but it did not play well on my Storm.....too many random reboots and the Verizon Screen of Death for me to be able to keep it....

    hope things keep working well on your Storm....still funny how these things react differently person to person....
    Ditto on that one!

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