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    Ok...downloading from Blackberrys website now...the DM without media player/manager

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    hey corey,

    if your interested it looks like .148 will be made official of the weekend by verizon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coreyhall View Post
    Verizon....and I'm on .75 version....AKA hell. Its so glitchy and slow.....I'm not sure why I dont have the BB desktop thingy either? Is that supposed to be loaded off the disc is came with? IT says V cast music, and VZ access manager on it....not sure what any of this stuff is.
    You should have received two discs with your Blackberry - one as you described but not the one that will put the Desktop manager on your PC.
    The other is labeled BlackBerry - Blackberry User Tools....and is what you need to load on your PC to get started. If you don't have it, you can also download the desktop software from the Verizon site. Follow this link to BB and drill down to your provider.
    Lots of good people on this site to help you get through all the steps.

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