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    Thats the process I used.

    I was having issues where uopn reboot I was getting a message requesting key store passwords and I put it in put it kept asking me for them. Also after the install, Enterprise Activation seemed to happen by itself! (I am using BES in my office), but it failed and now my contacts wont come back and I cant activate, I get an error. When I resend service books I get the same Key Store popups.
    Do you need the keystore passwords?
    Sounds like you have a corrupt file. Your contacts should be saved in your backup? They should be there. If not, you do not have a complete backup in your IPD file. Do you have another from an earlier time? If not, then I would go to Options/Security Settings/General Settings/BB Button and wipe your device, this will restore back to factory settings.

    Then, connect to your DM. Once you connect Enterprise Activation will try to start, go to Options/Advanced Options/Enterprise Activation/BB Button and cancel. We dont want to activate yet. Now on your DM, go to Backup / Restore choose Advanced.
    You will now have two windows in front of you. The one on the right is your device, the one on the left should be empty. On the top left hand corner of the window on you left is a link named "File" click on that and choose "Open", select your back up. It will populate the left window. Now go through the list and select only you Contacts, Messages, Messenger, SMS and use the arrow key in between the two windows to transfer to your device.

    Once complete disconnect your device, pull the battery, let it restart and then reconnect to your DM. Enterprise activation will now start on its own and you should not have any errors. Once complete, disconnect from the DM, resend your service books. Now if you need keystore passwords you can set them again.
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