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    mmanuel552 Found This Leak For the 9500 Enjoy

    Thanks for the info. Will try but I am becoming sceptical of RIM. Teasers after teasers. They need to address the core problems of the Storm 9500. Many dissatisfied users and frustration is at it`s peak.

    No sooner are my words cold 141 is available and frankly this has got to be the most stable and user comfy OS yet. Well done all those invovled.
    Radio is good and battery, time will tell ! The only negative found is that Quicklaunch does not function properly. Constant flickering is the issue. Any ideas.

    Now using / Hybrid. Happiness is !! Quicklaunch et al sorted. Battery and memory 1st prize.
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    Been running it since last night...

    Not sure on this one....

    It seems slow to react to turning..., feels sluggish...., what I'm not sure is if StormLocker is behaving itself correctly as that is the only thing I have installed...

    I downloaded the latest version yesterday when I was on .131 and it worked fine..., but something just doesn't feel right with .141..

    I always wipe the OS before the build, so I know it's clean...

    Also noticed YouTube is working again..., so that is a plus..

    Jury out for me on this version so far...

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